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Nexus Consulting Group offers consulting services, operating in more than 65 countries

 The group comprises highly skilled consultants who are specialized experts in the spheres of blockchain, government relations, trade, investment and intellectual property consultations

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Our company specializes in offering comprehensive consulting services across various industries. With our extensive business expertise and hands-on approach, we are adept at resolving diverse challenges faced by our clients.



The field of blockchain law has emerged as a result of the rise of cryptocurrency, a virtual form of money. Due to its relatively novelty, there is a scarcity of experts in blockchain law, as it requires specialized knowledge that differs from other branches. Our team of highly skilled experts is prepared to take immediate action and efficiently address any industry-specific concerns faced by our customers.


Government relations

We serve as the go-to platform for governments and regulators in the region, as well as civil society and other stakeholders, seeking the industry’s views across varied sectors, including ICT, Agriculture, Energy, and Healthcare. Nexus Consulting Group specialists work with clients and their outside legal counsel to develop communications strategies that ensure business continuity and minimise reputational harm.




Due to our wealth of business experience and proactive problem-solving approach, Nexus Consulting Group consistently excels in a wide range of consulting projects. We specialize in addressing customs management and compliance issues, knowing precisely which questions to ask, at the right time, and who to approach within your organization to swiftly obtain the direct results you require. This enables us to effectively resolve your problems and fulfill your compliance obligations.



Nexus Consulting Group services provide precise guidance throughout the entire investment decision-making process, including risk management and ongoing monitoring. We add value by arming our investment consultants with profound global research and intellectual resources, empowering them to create tailored investment solutions for individual client needs.


Intellectual property

Intellectual property law is designed to protect ideas that hold monetary value, including inventions, designs, and various forms of creative work. This branch of law can be divided into copyright and industrial property rights. Registering inventions and trademarks is crucial for protecting industrial property rights. Consulting with an experienced spesialist is recommended for completing these registrations effectively. 

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Each year, our company aims to pursue growth and diversification in various sectors, expanding our operations and forging more international collaborations. Our objective is to support and strengthen other businesses, addressing areas of vulnerability to ensure their future success.
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